torstai 6. joulukuuta 2007

Trip to suisse (wed 28.11.- sun 2.12.)

Might sound terrible, but actually it was just fine! A long journey naturally, by car, in the rain and dark, but it wasn´t that bad! On wed I took the ferry from Turku to Stockholm, drove on thu through Sweden (550km) and Denmark (200km) to Lübeck to visit friend! We had a nice Glühwein at a finnish stand at the Weihnachtsmarkt, then ate an awesome sushi dinner. I had been dreaming of sushi since Amsterdam airport on the way back from Africa...

On fri we drove to Berlin also called Big B, to hang out in my old hometown, it was nice to visit the place, but I was also glad to be able to continue the journey. I bought Onitsuka Tiger shoes, those are the most comfortable sneakers I´ve ever had!!! And we had a delicious lunch at Mr. Vongs´! After about four hours of driving we reached Marburg an der Lahn (by Frankfurt).

The weekend was cool, a cute city, great company, loads of food and booze, and the most, for free! Thanks to the sponsors of finnish med students in Germany ;) On sun I had the last part to drive, I took another friend with me to Freiburg (what a cute german city, again!). We had a good Döner (kebab), thank god, since I had been dreaming of a Döner since sat night... Surprise! After a few hours drive I already had found my way to the beautiful Lucerne!

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