maanantai 10. joulukuuta 2007

Gettin' better, slowly...

You know what guys? I´m starting to like Switzerland! The weekend was great, finally the sun was shining and the weather was bright! I and three other girls went downtown on sat, Lucerne really is cosy and beautiful, it was the first time I saw the city during daytime! We had good Glühwein at Weihnachtsmarkt, walked hours around the city. It´s not huge, but there are many cute small alleys. And the lake with the mountains in the backround, I suppose I shouldn´t be complaining!

Well, working is hard. But isn´t it scary how fast a human being is able to adjust to a new working environment? In the beginnning of the week I already wanted to quit and leave this place ASAP, but now I´m almost totally used to having no life anymore during the weeks. And what is even more worrying, I´m fine with that.

On sunday we had planned to go hiking, but since it rained, we decided to drive to the capital, Bern. This was definetly a great idea, Bern is also, very beautiful! It´s really old, a medieval city. We had an audio guide (Ipod!) for about 4 hours, it was great, we propably saw the whole old city! And the grande finale was what else than Glühwein at the local christmas market, also Raclette bread! Nice! After a totally satisfying weekend I´m prepared to have no life for the next five days and almost ready to go to work tomorrow.

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Henriikka kirjoitti...

Hi Maija!

Great to hear that you are slowly adjusting yourself to the life there!

I really now from personal experience that the Swiss people are working like animals... but the country is so beautiful!

Good luck with the work,