perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2007

Living in a fairy tale.... not

The first day at work was an orientation day, very succesfull! I got to know some of my new colleagues, nice! I had some introduction at the department. I felt quite frustrated, because I could not help my resident doctor, but at the same time I enjoyed the easy beginning. A new resident had also his first day, my team mate so to say, a cool guy! Got home totally tired and headached, went straight to bed.

The ”older” resident was supposed to help out the new guy at the beginning, but she was sick on te second day. Not good, at all, since we both were new and did not have a clue! And above all, the chief was coming over to see the patients this day! Our senior doctor already was totally stressed out, the chief is tense. Well, luckily the chief was prepared to meet unprepared younger colleagues and everything went fine.

I also started to realise, how different the system is in Switzerland compared to Finland. Not delighting at all. The good difference to Germany is, that I don´t have to take blood samples or set infusions. But the system in Switzerland doesn´t seem to differ that much, since the doctors have to sort the papers and carry urgent blood samples to the lab themselves. Aren´t there any secretaries? The way of working is very uneffective. Furthermore old fashioned not to forget the hierarchy. Every morning there is a radiology meeting about the photos taken the day before and the inters have to introduce the patients in front of maybe 40 specialist doctors! Guess how quickly my heart is beating in situations like this?!? I miss Lohja hospital sooo much!!!

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