torstai 20. joulukuuta 2007

Waiting for the holidays

Tomorrow to go and then I don`t have to work for five days, luxurious! And the next two weeks are also short, have to work only thu& fri, nice?! Thank god christmas holidays and new year too are in the middle of the week this year...

My mom, bro, godmom and two family friends (neighbours) are coming over to Luzern for christmas on saturday. Planning to do some sightseeing with them and definetly go snowboarding as much as possible! Cool to have my brother coming over too, so I have company when going boarding. We might go to Zurich some day too, I think it`s a place worth seeing! But this area has many sights too and a beautiful nature! A good friend of mine happens to be in the hoods with her family during christmas and we alltogether are going to meet on 26th in Lucerne.

But well, new year, I don`t have a clue what to do then. Some of the interns will be here, but most of them are going home over the holidays. I`d really like to go travelling around, since we again have 5 days off. But we`ll see, what`s going to happen, please keep me informed if you guys have some great ideas!!!

Lucerne doesn`t have a Weihnachtsmarkt anymore, they closed last weekend, so the idea of going there with colleagues before holidays failed. Luckily Lucerne does have plenty of bars, so we had a quite nice evening at a local place yesterday!

(I don`t have almost anything to do at work today, weird, it`s only 2.30 pm and I`m ready to go home, still 4 hours to go...)

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