maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2007

The season has begun!

Working on saturday morning was quite ok. I just had to go to say hello to the patients and check the papers with the nurses and then report all problems to the doctors on call. I got out around 11.30, I didn´t have any plans for the day yet and I desperately wanted to get out, so I went snowboarding in Engelberg! The season has begun! Snowboarding was great, good snow, not too may people and the best, the sun was shining! In the valley and Lucerne the weather was boring, again. Engelberg is only 30km from Lucerne, it´s great to have a car, right?

In the evening we went downtown with some colleagues, but drank just a cider. It was nice though and actually, Switzerland is not much more expensive than f. Ex Finland, a pint of cider was 9,50CHF which is about 6e, so that´s what a Strongbow costs in Helsinki too, right?

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