tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2007

Bye Africa, hello Switzerland!

From Zanzibar back to Nairobi, we spent the last day at Karen Blixens museum and at a jewellery factory in Nairobi. Back "home" around midnight( 24.11.), a short visit to a birthday party and to bed :)

The next challenge is called Switzerland! This journey beginns tomorrow, until then ahead just packing and moving my stuff to my moms place. And a little going away (again) dinner tonight with my girls :) Tomorrow I´ll take the evening ferry from Turku to Stockholm. The next day I´ll drive through Sweden, ferry to Denmark and futher to Germany, around evening I´ll hopefully reach Lübeck, where I´ll stay the night at a friends place. On friday then to Berlin and from there in the afternoon for the weekend to Marburg/ near Frankfurt am Main. The association of finnish med students in Germany is gathering in Marburg this weekend, great to see these friends again, also partying ahead! On sunday, the last part of the road trip to Lucerne! To work on monday, 7.45- 18.30, aaargh.. Quite a difference to Lohja hospital and even less paid! But, I hope the alps and nice locals compensate the shock ;)

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Hyvää syntsää, muru. Mulla oli noin miljuuna kännynumeroa sulle, joten täytyy nyt laittaa tätäkin kautta onnittelut.