lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2007

Heading to Africa :)

So, had my last day at work at Lohja. Sad but true :( Thanks to everyone, I had a great time, hope you enjoyed the cooperation too! I´d like to get back ASAP, but sadly they do not need a summer dr next year in the anesthesiology/ ER, so my comeback will not happen next summer, yet.. Please, keep me informed about all the huge parties coming ;D

Now I have a few hours left and then I and 6 other people are heading to Nairobi via Amsterdam, tonight, yes! Awesome, especially since the weather in Finland has gotten really ugly and dark... Blaah. The best time to get out of here ;) Two weeks holiday ahead, first a week of safari and afterwards another on Zanzibar. A colleague of mine just spent two weeks in Tanzania/ Serengeti and then snorkled the other week on Zanzibar between some dolphins, unbelievable! I hope I´ll catch some animal friends too..

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