tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2007


Back from Africa, it was awesome! The people were very friendly and happy and we saw loads of animals on the safari :) But, from the beginning...

The journey didn´t start too well. Our flight from Helsinki to Amsterdam had 1 hour delay and at that point it seemed impossible to be able to get the next connection from Amsterdam to Nairobi, since we had 20 min time to run from a gate to another and Schipol airport is huge! Well, luckily everything turned out well, we weren´t the only ones late and after an exhausting marathon from gate C12 to F7 there were still 50 other passangers missing.. But it was crazy, the moment the plane arrived at the gate in Amsterdam, everyone stood up immediately to get their stuff form the lockers and started hurrying out of the plane. Never seen such a mess ;) The flight with Kenya airways to Nairobi was very good, great service and food(!), arrived in Nairobi 7 am.

Our safari driver Moffat was already waiting for us at the airport, the safari begun! Incredible views, Nairobi is situated on the top of a rift valley and the way to Lake Baringo went on the edge of this valley. The roads were sometimes quite good (sponsored by EU), but mostly not, so the 200km journey took 6h... After a late lunch we got in to the van again and headed to Lake Bogoria, to see some animals and geysirs. Luckily this trip wasn´t that long, since everyone was very tired after a day of travelling.

Excitement of the evening were hippos, they were having supper at our backyard, right outside of the lodges. This hotel was directly at Lake Baringo, so next morning propably these same Hippos were swimming in the lake and observing us at breakfast.

Day 2: Boat ride at Baringo, many hippos and two crocodiles, many birds, to mention a fish eagle catching a fish.
After the boat ride the trip continued towards Lake Nakuru. Afternoon safari ride, as a starter, right outside to hotel gate, two lions :) Further: zeebras, giraffes, rhinos, flamingos, buffalos, monkeys, a leopard taking a nap, gazelles, antilopes...

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