tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2007

Hakuna matata on Zanzibar!

A paradise, at least what comes to the beach resort we stayed at on the east coast :) Otherwise the island was quite dirty, it seemed to be more corrupted than Kenya and the people were much more pushing. But well, it did not bother! The stay in Zanzibar was really relaxing, the sun was shining all the time, the water was warm! I went diving five times, first a short refreshment, which really was necessary! Diving was perfect, clear sight, many colourful fishes, turtles, beautiful coral reefs! We went down to 18-20 m, there were few more experienced divers in the group, they went down to 30 m, but for me it was definetly exiting enough in 18 m! I lost my snorkel on the last trip, I didn´t know it belonged to one of the instructors, awkward.. Besides the snorkel I also lost a reef shoe, just one... But still, can´t wait to go diving again ;) Year off after uni wouldn´t sound bad.. ;) Food at the resort was great, african+ indian style+ fish( barracuda, red snapper, calamari), also bbq one evening! Always plenty of food, every time I ate far too much and regretted ;)

Dolphin tour was also great, we saw plenty of dolphins and swimmed with them, I almost touched one :) We spent the last day in the capital of Zanzibar (the island belongs to Tanzania), in Stone town on the west coast. Again the hotel was luxurious, I could have stayed much longer.. Africans really are soccer fans, actual results were written on a board in the street, in the middle of the town, the day after: Portugal- Finland 0-0. The food was great, again, we ate at a local fish restaurant: lobster, prawns, calamari... Delicious!

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