tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2007

... continues

Day 3: Safari in Nakuru, the highlight of this trip were propably three leopards, mom and two kids. Besides these many more of the animals already seen the day before, also monkey babies, learning to climb, funny, they weren´t that balanced yet ;) Posing with hundreds of flamingos, being surrounded by many buffalos... Nice!

Day 4-5: To Masai Mara National Park, again a drive of at least 6 h on bumpy roads, but somehow at least I got used to the roads and felt almost comfortable, weird if it was smooth.. Our lodge was situated in the middle of the park and the animals, no fences! This time the backyard was manned by vervet monkeys, in the evening also by zeebras and impala gazelles, in the night even an elephant had been seen! Again, incredible safaris, the definite highlight were lion babies, they were so cute :) We also saw cheetahs and many elephants more, with various aged babies!

Day 6: To Lake Naivasha, boat ride, many of my favorites, hippos :) No crocos in this lake, quite a birdlife! End of the unforgettable safari, to Zanzibar :)!!!

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