maanantai 28. tammikuuta 2008

Well prepared for 14 days at the ER after a weekend with beer, sun, snow and fresh air

We were supposed to go downtown just for a couple of beers on friday, it ended up after six or seven. It would not have been a problem, if we had not had planned to go skiing early on saturday. It was so hard to get out of the bed in the morning. The others went to Engelberg, I wanted to go to somewhere with more snow and decided to go to Laax. Originally I and another girl intern had planned to go for the whole weekend to Laax, she happens to now a guy, who runs a hostel in a small town near Laax. Unfortunately she got sick.

The plan worked out more than well, again perfect weather conditions and enough snow (not that much as two weeks earlier in Laax, loads of fresh powder and great free riding, but still so much more than f.ex. in Engelberg). And I did not even have to ride alone, I met a german doc at a ski lift we took up together! Imagine, she works in Ilanz near Laax, lives in the next village to Laax, Falera, has a ski lift right outside of her front door and payed as a local ONLY 260 Fr (150Eur) for a season ticket!!! Amazing! And she is starting to work in Lucerne in December... Unbeliavable how small the world is... And , she happens to know the former tenant of my first flat in Berlin (he also works in Switzerland). Naturally, I also ran accidently to the guys from the hostel..

On sunday I went to Hasliberg, it´s only 45 min away from Lucerne. I thought it would be a small skiing centre, but actually it was quite large. And very sunny! Not a bad destination at all... I really like boarding, but sometimes it´s just so troublesome with the gently sloping areas, bindings off and on. I´m really thinking about starting to ski too, furthermore it´s nicer to ride skis with other skiers and I still would definetly continue snowboarding with boarders. I´d like to try going on snow tours, that´s what many of the colleagues and locals do. They climb up a mountain with skis and then ride back in the untouched deep snow. And have the nature and silence all just for them. Sometimes I just can´t stand the crowded resorts and slopes, free riding in powder snow is just so amazing! Sounds like I might need some new challenges...

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Well, your life dont sound too bad either ;)

Good luck with working!