keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2008

Härzlech willkomme a de Lozärner Fasnacht!

The carneval ("Fasnacht") begins tomorrow! We're planning to go to the market place to check out the "Urknall" at 5 am! I don't really know what the "Urknall" means or what to expect, but that is when the carneval period officially begins. I hope the action is worth it, since 5 am is really early... And everyone, naturally, has to work afterwards, I have to work the whole weekend at the ER. But until now it's been nice, interesting and not too hectic. I hope this carneval event is not like the finnish equals with massive alcoholism and in consequence of that, a crowded ER...

The absolute highlight of today were cinnamon rolls! A colleague had baked loads of them after an original scandinavian recipe, very delicious!!!

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