tiistai 22. tammikuuta 2008

Isch guet gsi

Last week was hard, it was my last week in the department of general internal medicine. I´m glad to be in a new section, I got along very well with my resident and the other staff, but still, it´s nice to be out. This week I´m going to spend at a department with patients coming only to specific operations(f.ex. coronary angiography, chemotherapy). Tempo is a bit quicker, but it´s also much more distinct than the department before. The atmosphere is nice, I have again a great resident, and not surprisingly, again a german guy! The other female interns are quite jealous because I get all the cool guys as my supervising doctors...

The weekend was filled with sun, snow and good company! We have quite a good gang of interns, went out together on friday, checked out first a for us new club ”Adagio” and ended very soon at the place we went the friday before (”Black sheep”). Saturday and sunday skiing and boarding together in Engelberg. That actually is not one of my favorites at all, but since most of the interns have season cards for Engelberg, I rather joined them this time than went somewhere else alone (I also had a season card of a girl who was on call, so it was economic for me too). On sunday I tried skiing for the first time in maybe ten years, it went well and was very good, but still... Snowboarding is better! Next weekend propably to Laax!

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