maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2008

Missing the mountains after two days of Berlin

... but I still enjoyed Berlin a lot! It was great to see some uni and other mates again! And to get out of the regular everyday surroundings for a few hours was really refreshing. The weather was terrible, even worse than "winter" here, it was so cold. And unbelievably slippery, like ice skating!

At the birthday party on saturday people were smoking on the balcony and a guy went by with his girlfirend and dog. This guy slipped properly directly under the balcony and the balcony people started to laugh at him, properly. He got really mad and aggressive (typical east german/ berliner male behaviour...) and threatened our people with all kinds of stuff, f. ex. was he planning to call some of his friends over to start a fight... Oh man, what a guy, his girlfriend was so embarrassed...

Sunday was very relaxing. I had a delicious vietnamese lunch with a good friend and afterwards I was "forced" to eat a huge piece of raspberry cake! Very satisfying sunday program! I also had to buy some Fazer chocolate from the airport... Of course not for me, for my colleagues at work ;)

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