perjantai 4. tammikuuta 2008

Back at work

New Year's break was nice, chilling around and sleeping a lot! Typical Lucerne weather is cloudy and foggy, sun has been shining maybe on five days during these four weeks. On saturday weather was as perfect as it can get here, sun was shining all day long and we had a clear blue sky! So it was a perfect day to go up to Rigi, one of the highest mountains in Lake Lucerne area. It was so beautiful, incredible views! And the sunset... Unbelievable!

The next day I went snowboarding in Andermatt, it was snowing almost the whole day, I had some difficulties getting up to the village with my winter tires (no spikes) since the serpentine roads were all covered with fresh snow. But I made it without any damages! Snowboarding was ok, partly sun was shining, on the other side the sight was terrible. And the same with the snow.

I spent the last day of last year by hanging around in the city and watching crazy locals jump from a bridge to the river, I don´t know why, New Year`s swim? It must have been cold. Since I don´t have a coffee machine at my place (and haven´t even bought instant coffee because during the weeks we always get some coffee after radiology meeting from the hospital cafeteria) I desperately had to go get some coffee, from where else than Starbucks!!! Can you imagine, a town with 50 000 inhabitants has to have a Starbucks? Apparently there are so many americans visiting Lucerne, that it has to have three of them...

In the evening I and six other interns cooked Raclette! We had tons of food and I suppose everyone ate far too much, but it just was so delicious! The cheese is so good here... And we had great wine too, my family's all left overs from christmas, I got f. Ex. six bottles of very good german wine. We watched fireworks from the 18th floor, A.K.A helicopter landing space on the top of the hospital! It was huge! Tens of smaller fireworks all around Lucerne!

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