torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2008

Back in Berlin

Things are fine, it´s very nice to be here again and in particular for just a "visit"! The flat and my roommate are cool, the location is fabulous! I´ve always wanted to live in Prenzlauer Berg and now finally I´m kind of in the middle and I´m not anymore the one who always has to get somewhere for a coffee or beer because many of the awesome bars are just around the corner! As you see, this is one of the most important facts when choosing the place to live... No, but I´m very satisfied!

The internship is ok, I basicly didn´t have any expectations, I wanted to be prepared for evrything possible and I suppose the attitude is not bad at all, since now things can actually only turn out better than expected! The people are very nice (which is not typical for Berlin) and the doctors try to show me as much as they have time for, which isn´t much. I´m propably going to be assisting the operations for most of the time. And I doubt that I will be allowed to do stuff, f.ex. sew. But, still I´m going to see loads of things and the doctors explain a lot! And, the day for me ends between 2-4 pm and I have every week a day for studying, so I actually work just 4 days a week!!! This is something I soooo appreciate after Switzerland! My standard assignments are naturally the taking of blood samples, setting infusions and iv needles. This is stuff which nurses do in Scandinavia and Switzerland, it was about 3-4 years ago that I for the last time took blood samples or set iv needles , but I managed it well today! I suppose it´s like biking... you´ll never forget it.

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