torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2008

Changes all over again

I´ve been wanting to go to Malaysia for an elective, for eight weeks after easter holidays. Well, this came all on short notice, a friend of mine was in KL in the autumn and was kind of exited about it (not just about travelling, also the elective was great). So what happens, Maija wants to go too. I have been applying for KL since jan-feb, at first it seemed very impossible and I so to say already gave up. I organised everything with Berlin during the last weeks, got my flat two days ago and what happens, "pa dam" yesterday morning I had a message in my mailbox: "We have approved your application". Who would say no?!? I´m just waiting for the final blessing of my home uni in Berlin. I've already booked the flights, for easter sunday... it would be awesome!!! Although, I was already really looking forward to goin to Berlin again. But still, Malaysia would sooo rock!!!

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