torstai 20. maaliskuuta 2008


I have finally recovered from the farewell party on tuesday, I will never drink alcohol again. I don´t know how it ended like this, the evening itself was very funny! Well, I did not manage to go to work on wednesday, but since it was my optional week at the rheumatology and my job was to listen and watch, I suppose it wasn´t that terrible.

So, now that I have recovered and emptied my room in Lucerne, I was able to plan some more and was at first thinking of going to Geneve, but the weather forecast was bad and instead I drove to Nice! After last weekends driving in Italy I said, I would never ever want to drive in Italy again. But the way to Nice went trough Northern Italy. Well, I (or rather the car) survived again without any damages. The route was beautiful!!! Hills, the ocean and these coulourful small villages, and palms! Palm trees are mediators of holiday feeling! I had a short break at one of these cute villages, "Celle Liguri", sun and 20°c! I arrived after ca. 530km in Nice, had to loo for the hostel for ages, as almost always, why can´t they put big signs outside the hostels?

Now I´m sitting exhausted on the hostel bed and going to propably fall asleep in a few minutes...

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