maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2008

Fondue chinoise

Mmmm... I don't like cheese fondue, but this was delicious! It was ski day of the clinic last wednesday, skiing wasn't that spectacular, besides my awesome crash in the fresh powder snow, when I was supposed to show my colleagues, how well the fins control every kind of winter sports...

In the evening we had this great dinner at a steamship at Lake Lucerne. To the fondue we had chicken, pork, beef, different vegetables and sauces, rice, fries... And ice cream with chocolate sauce as dessert! Of course a nice wine to the meal, too! And for this nice evening is to thank the department of internal medicine in Lucern!!!

No mega party this time, I suppose I wasn't the only one, who was totally tired after a day outside in the fresh air... Syndrome of oxygen intoxication.

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