maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2008

Change of plans

I'm not going to stay for the whole summer in Switzerland. At first the idea was to go to Malaysia on short notice, but this plan doesn't seem to come true. Well, the eight last weeks of the third block are reserved for Finland, in Tammisaari. There I'm starting to work 19th may. But what about the eight weeks before that and after easter?

I tried to get something on short notice in Switzerland, but I changed my mind, again. I haven't heard too much good things about gynecology in Switzerland, we students aren't allowed to do that much and therefore I don't want to take care of the crap stuff and stay until evening hours at the hospital (for the minimal money the interns get here, ok, it's definetly better than nothing, but still... 450e monthly for 50-60hours per week...). So, plan c... is Berlin! Ok, I'm not going to get a penny for the work there and I propably have to take f.ex. blood samples. So what, I'm also all over again a student, who doesn't have any responsibilities and is allowed to go home as soon as my work is done! I might even have some study days during the weeks, so I actually might get to some reading too...

And during the hours I'm going to be so pissed of by the german medicine I can dream about Tammisaari, the indenpendent working with loads of responsibilities and the luxurious (!!!) salary compared to any countries south of Northern Europe!

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