keskiviikko 2. huhtikuuta 2008

Hier wird nicht gegessen sondern gearbeitet

A thing called lunch is unknown at the operative section of this hospital. They don´t take a break at all, there are always some ten minutes between the operations and time for a bread and a glass of water, but that´s about it. I am warmly remembering the operations at Lohja, where the operator asked his/her team (!) around lunch time at the end of an operation, if it now was a good time for a lunch break? The operations don´t end around 2-3pm like in Finland, they continue until 4pm (or later if emergencies) and the day for these doctors has definetly started at 7am or earlier! At this point many of you my friends would (again) say: " I don´t think I would want to be operated by someone, who has eaten almost nothing the whole day!".

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