keskiviikko 23. huhtikuuta 2008


I spent the last weekend in Munich, we had a SLSLO meeting (finnish medical students in Germany) in the south. It was a short visit including 12hours of sitting on the train, but it was worth it! It´s always good to get out for a few days, kind of vacation feeling... Munich seems to be nice, it has a snobbish reputation, but I did not get the impression, compared with Zurich, it´s nothing. It´s not too big (which Berlin is) and it also has loads of activities to offer. In the center is a large park "Englischer Garten", we went there of course for a beer (did some walking too)! The Biergarten season had already begun a week earlier in Berlin, only that the weather the second time was more of an enjoyment. And what I appreciate the most... the closeness to the alps!!! Oh man, I was again so enjoying the views, maybe I should go to Switzerland for work for a few years?!?

Well, for now I´m coming to Finland, in 2-3 weeks depending on if I get the last week off or not. I got a tiny appartment in Ruoholahti and am so looking forward to my own home in the central Helsinki, finally!

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