keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2008

Why did I actually give Berlin a chance?

Or better, german medicine. Some examples:

On my first day I was told to be the one to mix and set the iv-infusions. Since I had never done it before (nurses do that in Scandinavia and Switzerland, and also in Germany, when the med students aren´t there= in the evenings, at night), I naturally asked a nurse for help. But since I´m a med student, she directly said and very unfriendly: " It´s not my job to show you, you have to ask the doctors for advices!". So, I said I can´t, can you show me and I assume the nurse understood that I´m a total beginner. Well, when something goes wrong (no matter what), of course we med students are the ones to be blaimed, and not friendly, very impolitely! Yep, no wonder things go wrong, if they don´t advice the new people.

I was asked to take blood samples, hemoglobin and crp, for which I needed two (!!!) tubes. I took these two and of course it went all wrong. "Usually we also take coagulation, because blaah blaah blaah" I explained that I had been asked to take those two. And the midwife explained me at least three more times that I should have taken three tubes. As if I was stupid?

After a cesarian section I was asked to go out of the operation room and tell the midwifes to prepare some pills for the patient when she´s out of the operation. Just when I was telling the message, the other doctor came running out of the operation and screamed at me, that the thing has to be done immediately! Again, am I stupid or what? I do actually understand the difference between prepare and prepare immediately, it just has to be said!

Something more advanced and for the colleagues. To the policlinic came an elder patient who was planned to get operated next day. She had some basic illnesses, high blood pressure, copd and propably something with the heart too, medications for these diseases. First of all the doctor wasn´t sure, if she should order chest x-ray or ecg, which in this patients case were definetly needed to be done before any operation. But the best thing was, that she did not order something as essential as creatinin (kidney test, which is at least at internal medicine a so standard blood test for almost anyone, young and elder), to save money!!! Instead of that she ordered a few (at least for me) totally unnecessary samples to be taken! I tried to explain it to the doctor, but again, who listenes to the students?

Six days to go...

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