tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2008


Since I´m back at "home" and nothing interesting is going to happen in my life (just joking..), I think I´m going to end this blogger adventure at this point! I´m starting to work next monday at Tammisaari hospital, only 8weeks to go of the practical year thing. I have already signed up for the final exams in october- november, so life after Tammisaari for the most is going to contain loads of studying. And, please, don´t ask me if I´m going to specialize and in particular in which subject!

One story to go. For the final exams I had to hand in about 30 certifications (nope, no computers) about taken courses, electives, exams etc. Not to forget the famous birth certification ("Geburtsurkunde"). Well, I ordered it from the finnish register office and got it in english. Which, I suppose should not have been a problem since english is an internationally well known and understood language. But no. The germans wanted to have this list of names, addresses, birth dates etc. in german. And the translation costed me 35,70 Euros!!! Who needs this crap? Don´t they believe that I have been born? This is so german and I am so happy to get rid of that byrocracy!

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