lauantai 9. helmikuuta 2008

Dr. House

Yep, that's true. It has come that far, last night we had only two patients (which is like nothing for two docs and an intern). So we watched Dr. House. Wicked. Doctors on a REAL ER watch the SURREAL ACTIVITY on dvd. Well, tonight we've actually had something to do, but now (3 am) I'm finished with my three patients and might start watching Dr. House.

We in fact have our own "Dr. House" in Lucerne. He is a senior, about 35years old and reminds us of a primal person. His appearance is always a bit sloppy. His talk sounds like swiss german in chech. Try to imagine. And he is definetly not a role model what comes to his social skills. Once he ran straight into a room to a maybe 40year old female patient and asked her, if she had been fucking lately ("Haben sie gefickt?")? I mean, it sounded very hilarious, when a colleague told the story, but imagine you being live in the situation? Very awkward.

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suklaamansikka kirjoitti...

Dr.House is the best!
Shut the tv,today klo. 21.00!!!!!!!! : House come.
Sorry i cant speak english very well..